Aus welchem Land kommen Sie?

archithese 3.2019


CHF 28.00, ISBN 978-3-03862-244-4, 96 Seiten, 20 × 26cm

From Gold to Lithium
Three generations of extraordinary Chilean architects show projects and explain their approaches.

Chile, Quo Vadis?
Felipe De Ferrari, Alejandra Celedón, Francisco Díaz and Tomás Villalón speculate about the future of architecture.

Pushing the Boundaries
Diving into the intellectual worlds of Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Smiljan Radić and Alfredo Thiermann

Contemplation vs. Productivity
Different approaches towards landscape by Teresa Møller, Germán del Sol and Umwelt

Social Dilemma
Young architects operating within the cracks of the neoliberal system