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Queer Space Reconsidered

Autor: Aaron Betsky – 27.7.2020
Photo: Daniel Nicoletta


What Is Queer (About) Architecture?
More than two decades ago, Aaron Betsky opened the debate about gender identities and architecture with his important book Queer Space. Architecture and Same-Sex Desire. There and in this essay, he shows that the history of architecture and design is rich with built examples of queer spaces, which question the stability of a hetero-normative society. But while reflecting on a planet in crisis, he wonders if the queer space-discourse could offer alternative approaches. Read Aaron Betsky's essay in architheses current Queer-issue.


> Home sweet home –  Aaron Betsky wrote about the American Utopia in archithese 6.2006 Zeitgenössische Utopien.

>Aaron Betsky zooms into misselading details in archithese 1.1989 Aus Versehen? Dekonstruktivismus.

> Royal castles and factories from the reign of king Ludwig II of Bavaria were on display in the Architekturmuseum of the TU Munich.

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