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In our marketized society with innumerable interests, large-scale approaches are doomed to fail. Keller Easterling argues for a new approach to design.

Text: Keller Easterling – 7.1.2021


While it becomes more and more apparent that the globalized world has always been in disorder, the enlightenment mind seems to be overturned. Promises and seemingly grant solutions are failing tremendously and leading to injustice. In this marketized society with numerous interests, big-scale approaches are doomed to fail. Keller Easterling, in an essay in the latest issue of archithese titled Geopolitik, argues that understanding and addressing the chemistry of power and using it to invert some of our habitual approaches might be a way toward problem-solving, aesthetics and politics.


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> Is there a chance for architecture to help in ongoing crisis? This question was also highly pressing in 2015, when many refugees fleeing to Europe were in search for a new home.

> The story of a gloomy better future is often told in the Arab Emirates. While it might come true for investors, the hard working inhabitants might not believe in this dream anymore. The next idea is to develop a bottle post system through the country.

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