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text: Christina Horisberger – 28.10.2019

On September 18, 2019, Jørg Himmelreich discussed strong geometries in architecture with the architects Momoyo Kajima from Atelier Bow-Bow, Jan de Vylder from de vyler vinck taillieu and François Charbonnet from Made in. The debate took place in front of the sound sculpture Rohrwerk. Fabrique Sonore that was designed by Made in for the courtyard of the Kunstmuseum Basel. The occasion for this archithese kontext event is the December issue of archithese, in which everything revolves around the theme of the circle – which is experiencing a revival in the current architectural discourse. However, these architects also expressed criticism as to whether pure geometry can reflect today's social, societal and economic demands as well as the complexity of our society. Judge for yourself what the three architects had to say about it.


> Read a brief portrait of Made in, whose sound sculpture formed the background to the debate about strong geometries.

>  In the December issue 4.2019, archithese discusses all the many facets of the circle. 

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