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Embracing Deviations

Architecture is about giving form, or defining space. Nevertheless, architectural discourse has shifted its focus towards parameters like economy, ecology, social performance and participatory processes. Debating about form seems to get more and more redundant. On the contrary, archithese has observed a reemergence of “strong geometries“ in recent designs. This brings back the notion that architecture is primarily about combination, composition or substraction of geometric forms. Editor in chief of archithese, Jørg Himmelreich, confronted the three architects Momoyo Kaijima (Atelier Bow-Wow), Jan der Vylder (de vylder vinck taillieu) and François Charbonnet (Made in) with these observations in a debate that took place in the courtyard at Kunstmuseum Basel, as the circle appears in the works of all of three architects, but for various reasons. 

>  This talk is one of eight essays in the Circle-issue of archithese.

> Oliver Lütjens und Thomas Padmanabhan spoke for archithese 3.2017 Bri-Collagen with François Charbonnet about the power of fragments.

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Unsere Empfehlung

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