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Editorial Insight

text: Christina Horisberger – 4.12.2019


Within the framework of the workshop Editing Architecture under the direction of Isabel Concheiro, coordinator of the Joint Master of Architecture Fribourg, 15 architecture students of HEIA Fribourg visited the publishing house archithese in Zurich. Editor Christina Horisberger explained the philosophy and production processes of the magazine as well as the various event formats that represent an important success value of the platform. The students had time to ask questions and were amazed about the workload that each issue of archithese has to cope with and that this is being carried out by a small team in close cooperation with external authors. Another question was the importance of print media in the age of social media. archithese follows these three paths mentioned with great commitment.


> Welchen Reiz Printmedien in Zeiten (digitaler) Informationsfülle haben, diskutierten kürzlich Redaktoren verschiedener Printmedien an der ETH Zürich.

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